“Why CIOs Need to Prepare for the Multi-Gigabit Era Now”

(Jon Gold, Network World, 20 March 2019)

“Steve Johnson, director Northern Europe at Ruckus Networks, explains that CIOs need to be getting themselves ready for multi-gigabit networks now”.

There is a capacity problem in the technology industry. The technology has to be high-performance to handle the demands that rise because firms carry out more business-critical practices in the network. To embrace all possible solutions, such as the development and launch of the WiFi6 in 2018, businesses need a multi-gigabit connectivity. Most firms have 1GbE access ports but this will advance and the next generation of 100GbE connections need scalability, flexibility and security. The industry found new means to innovate as the wireless technology progresses and there is pressure to accommodate devices and business use cases. Companies create sophisticated solutions for the many use cases that have diverse connectivity needs and require different frequencies and standards. CIOs have WiFi6 now, LTE and they are waiting for 5G. Companies have to make their weird infrastructure available and not just for WiFi6 access points. IoT will have an investment of $745bn this year as enterprise businesses need to move to multi-gigabit and they invest in technologies such as IoT and machine learning (ML). CIOs have to protect their investment by ensuring that the upgrade they do to their network infrastructure will be in line with the future needs of IoT, ML and AI. This doesn’t mean that firms need whole infrastructures upgrades as they can choose scalable switches. To succeed in the multi-gigabit era, CIOs need to consider that when provisioning for IoT standards, WiFi6 and LTE, networks become more advanced but not more complicated to manage.

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