“Top Agile Tools that Keep Software Engineers Productive”

(Peter Wayner, Tech Beacon, )

“The key to success in Agile development is to enable flexibility while maintaining organization.  It is important for the developers to self-manage and converge on their goals. Good Agile tools organize the discussion and planning, helping the team identify the requirements and split them into a number of smaller tasks”.

The top tools that are forming the foundation teams rely upon to ship code on time or even ahead of schedule are: 1) Source control tools: offer flexibility that teams need to move ahead. Git is one of them. Many teams use its hosting services to keep their code organized. 2) Continuous integration tools: they are running unit tests that ensure the software is performing correctly after all the new code is added to the stack. There are examples like Hudson, Jenkins, and Travis CI. 3) Agile manager: organize and guide teams from the beginning as they plan and deploy working code through the agile model. 4) Active Collab: help software shops deliver code and account for their time. 5) JIRA Agile: adds a layer for agile project management that interacts with the other major tools from Atlassian. 6) Agile Bench: emphasizes tracking the work assigned to each individual. 7) Pivotal Tracker: is one of a constellation of tools from Pivotal Labs created to support agile development. 8) Telerik TeamPulse: creates apps for the mobile marketplace. VersionOne: organize all the groups involved in development across a company by providing a stable communication platform where everyone can plan the initiatives and create persistent documentation. 9) Planbox: keep multiple teams working together toward a common goal. As the team finishes the tasks, it tracks the progress on all levels and produces reports for all stakeholders. Customers can voice their opinion before the code is set in stone. 10) LeanKit: aims to imitate the conference room whiteboards where most projects begin. The board updates faster than any whiteboard. 11) Axosoft:  customers can weigh in on the development process by requesting features, giving feedback on designs, or testing new code.

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