“Top 7 Big Data Analytics Trends For 2019”

(Kamalika Some, Analytics Insight, 29 October 2018)

“Today the scope of big data is changed, leading to business enterprises large and small rely on Big Data for intelligent business insights”.

Business enterprises need to implement the right data-driven big data analytics trends. A huge amount of data generated, encompassing data gathering, data analysis and data implementation process. Big Data trends are changing, from a departmental approach to business-driven data approach, embracing agile technologies and an increased focus on advanced analytics. Top 7 trends for 2019: 1) Fast Growing IoT Networks.  Business houses will rely on more data points to collect information for more detailed business insights. 2) Predictive Analytics. Customized insights that lead organizations to generate new customer responses or purchases & promote cross-sell opportunities. 3) Dark Data.  Data is acquired through various computer network operations which are not used in a manner to derive insights or for decision-making. 4) CDOs in demand. A data leader managing enterprise-wide data cleaning, analysis, visualization & studying intelligent insights. 5) Quantum Computing. Data encryption, weather prediction, solving complex medical problems, real conversations & better financial modeling to make organizations develop quantum computing components, algorithms, applications & software tools on qubit cloud services. 6) Open Source. Free data & software tools to become available on the cloud. 7) Edge Computing. Data to be handled & stored away from the silo setup closer to end users with processing taking place either in the device itself or in the fog layer or in the edge data center.

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