“The Industrial Revolution – From Industry 1.0 to Industry 5.0!”

(Mark Minevich, techcrunch.com, February 2019)

“The history of Industry 4.0 tracks the manufacturing industry from the industrial revolution to the digital transformation and beyond. Each new stage represents a revolution in the manufacturing process that has changed the way we think about and work in the industry.”

The manufacturing industry has changed through several revolutions the way it works and how we think about it. Industry 1.0 was the conversion to use water and steam, which created a better standard of living. The use of machines in manufacturing was possible because of fuel sources. Industry 2.0 was “The Technological Revolution”. Electrical technology was introduced, making bigger production and machines that were more sophisticated. Industry 3.0 came with the first computer era. These computers were simple, unwieldy and large but they served as the base of today’s computer technology. This revolution introduced more automated systems to perform human tasks in the assembly lines. Internet, connectivity and renewable energy helped manufacturing and automation to advance. Industry 4.0 is the era where information is exchanged thanks to IoT, smart machines and storage systems. Its key elements embrace cyber-physical system, IoT, cloud computing and cognitive computing. In the forecasts, we have Industry 5.0, the new revolution. This revolution wants that human hands and minds return to the industrial framework. It wants men and machine to reconcile and work together. This revolution is happening at the same time that some firms adopt the principles of Industry 4.0. In the next 10 years, we could see a succession of revolutions. We have to note that 5.0 is not new but an upgrade and the realization of 4.0. Due to the improvements of AI and robots, the relation between computers, robots and humans will be meaningful and enlightening.

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