“The Growing Trend of Data Science in Japan”

(Mickey S, IZANAU, 18 March 2019)

“Data science can be summarized as the solution to complex problems through analyzing data”.

According to a 2015 survey conducted by Nikkei Asia, 62% of companies say that their biggest challenge is finding talent. The most of the companies surveyed rely on educating internal employees to handle analysis needs and 39% of enterprises are using tools that can be conducted by employees without any specialized skills. You can integrate data science by promoting Microsoft Excel, while the organization does not need to make large investments in expensive software or talented data scientists. According to a KD Nuggets survey, excel makes up about 40% of tools used in data science. It helps people to express a simple data idea in the form of easily digestible content. Japan shows 0.2% of posts are for data scientists, while in the US it is about 1.1% of listings. For a growing field and one that is being emphasized by Japan’s CXX, the search is more challenging. For someone who wants to enter the field of data science in Japan, there are two routes to try in order to go abroad: 1)  Start with LinkedIn as big companies like Rakuten, Amazon, and McKinsey use it as a recruiting tool. 2) Moving internally within a company, while it is difficult, it is likely that companies will have a market in Japan because it is the world’s third largest economy. Enterprises will have their own transfer process, so research will be required to see how to best handle this within each company. Japan claims that data science is the keystone to being competitive.

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