“The Challenges of Data-Driven Marketing (And How to Overcome Them)”

(Jennifer Horne, Digital Doughnut, 14 December 2018)

"With data-driven, marketers can segment their audiences to create relevant, personalized messaging, evaluate the success of a given campaign, and improve the overall efficiency of their campaigns."

Data-driven is the one thing that turns your marketing strategy into an informed initiative designed to capture customers and grow your business“. A lot can be gained from using data to inform marketing decisions, but it doesn't come without its challenges. Steps in overcoming data-driven marketing hurdles: 1) Understand them. Only then can you build a plan to remove roadblocks and streamline your process. 2) Use data cleaning as a marketing strategy to identify and eliminate factors that can skew information and create discrepancies between sources. Make sure that your data is clean and complete. A) 64% of marketers cited “improving data quality” as the single biggest challenge they encounter when attempting to personalize messaging for audiences. B) To make yourself part of the 26% that don’t worry about data quality, create a process to stave off inconsistencies and keep your data up-to-date. 3) Measure the right KPIs. Figure out what data points contribute to these objectives, create a plan to re-evaluate your KPIs and don’t be afraid to add new KPIs or remove outdated ones. 4) Be careful not to use inadequate tools. It’s imperative to spend time to determine which tools are right for your department and to set their goals.

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