“Telecoms Data Monetization: Reality, Not A Mirage”

(Arvind Rajeswaran, Arthur D. Little, 1 November 2018)

“Big Data can deliver the promise of converting data into a competitive advantage”.

Globally, telcos consider data analytics a key strategic pillar, & continue to invest in this direction. Not many of them have reaped the benefits of these investments because they face multiple dilemmas around finding the right use cases, making the right technology choices from ever-growing options, & adopting the right operating & governance models to foster data-driven decision making. Experience of working with multiple telco operators, complemented by interviews with 10+ Chief Data Analytics Officers from leading telcos across EMEA, reveals an addressable approach to these dilemmas. Telcos need to realize that data analytics is a “must-have capability” in this digital age, & related investments will help them survive in the emerging competitive landscape. They need to exploit analytics use cases across their core business functions, in customer facing as well as other areas, such as supply chain, HR & operations. Telcos are uniquely positioned to capture external data monetization opportunities, yet these should be explored on a case-by-case basis while maintaining a primary focus on internal monetization. Lastly, telco executives must lead efforts to drive organization-wide change to foster data-driven decision-making.

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