DT Report April


For this Report we have reviewed around 250 articles from experts selected from all over the world, from which 35 have been summarized. It is from these summaires (15-20 lines) that the report have been ellaborated.

Our methodology is simple: we break down every article into four components (we call them ingredients): a) Facts & Figures (what’s going on); b) Theses & Main Ideas (which explain/interpret those F&F); c) Future Scenarios (what’s going to happen as we project those F&F + Ideas into the future); and d) Recommendations & Proposals (what to do in view of the projected scenarios).

There is an Executive Summary (the Report in 1 Minute) of 1 + 1/4 pages. The full PDF of the Report stretches to 30+ pages (nearly 1 hour read). But it is intended to be navigable from the Story (3 pages connecting all 4 ingredients in one single narrative) to each ingredient, from these to the article summaries, and from these to the original articles…


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