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Why you should read our DT and AA REPORTS

Do you know of any company currently competing successfully in its market which is not going through a “digital transformation process”? However, it seems to be more important to talk about that process than about the real meaning or depth of the transformation.

The key point is: which is the real transformation that will add value to my company? Why do we want such transformation? To be more competitive? To adapt to market changes? To keep the pace of production and make it more efficient? Every digital transformation process is unique: it depends on the maturity of the company, its size, market positioning, state-of-the-art technology, etc. Which is the truly useful digital transformation process for your company at this moment?

The first premise in this context is the implied need for technology. Do you know any market, company or business process not sustained by technology? Of course, you don´t. But you must know what new opportunities technology provides to properly decide the depth and scope of your digital transformation process.

An ambiguous term, like “Big Data”, has lost its original meaning. Why not “Smart Data”? If we are about to make one simple but important decision, why do we need to take a look at complex dashboards, multi-level heat maps or several sets of figures? Because these tools help us think, not the other way around.

Disruptive initiatives like Edge Computing (digital twins), the new generation of fintech or DataOps are the next generation of digital transformation boosters.

You need to know about them, but most importantly, you need to know how to used them…