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Why Our Service Helps You: It is a qualitative aid in decision-making, helping you to understand what is happening around the world and why. We focus on providing contextual knowledge of the issues, identifying trends and their future implications. We connect the thinking of the brightest with the decision-making of the elite.


Javier de la Puerta
General Director
Has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Master’s degree in Philosophy. He studied in Madrid (Universidad Complutense), Washington D.C. (George Washington University), Philadelphia (Villanova University), and Singapore (ICEX Scholar –Institute of Foreign Trade– Ministry of Economy and Trade.) He has had a long career as a communications and political manager in Expo 92, the Basque Government, and the Government of Andalusia. Javier is a writer with several books and articles published in the fields of Economics and Politics. He is a professor of International Politics (specializing in Middle East and European studies) for International Studies Abroad (ISA) in Seville, Spain. Also, he was the lead editor of Global Trends from January of 2009 until June of 2014.
Torsten Gauger
Marketing Director
holds a Masters Degree in Film and Television Production from Danube University Krems. He studied law at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich and University of Salzburg and studied media marketing and electronic marketing at the Bavarian Academy of Advertising and Marketing. He specializes in digital marketing as well as film and television production. He is a lecturer in these two academic areas at different universities. Since 2006 he is a film producer and previously a film marketing manager. He has a long list of successful films he worked on, including the Oscar-nominated film "Sophie Scholl: The Last Days" (2005) and the award-winning film "The Life of Others" (2006). As an author, he won the Best Concept Award for a series of FAT 2015 and wrote the concept for the film „The invisibles" (2017), which won the ARD Top of the docs competition. He gives lectures in storytelling and works for the Ministry of Culture of Saxony-Anhalt and is producer of the video production company Gauger Film.
Sergio Marín
Professor at Pablo de Olavide University in the area of Humanities: languages, communication, translation and gender. Professor at International Students Abroad (ISA) of International Relations, Social Movements, Education and Multiculturalism. Co-director of the international conferences "Communication Ethics", "Communication and Gender", and deputy director of "Human Rights and Globalization". Member of the research groups "Critical Thinking, Communication and Human Rights" and "Writers and Writings".