“New Technologies Are Vitally Important for K-12 Schools”

(Bambi Majumdar, Multibriefs, 3 April 2019)

“We talk about digital transformation but we have little idea about the supersonic speed at which we are transforming. What once seemed fantastic and in the realm of science fiction is an everyday reality now.”

We need to adopt new teaching techniques for K-12 students to be ready for the future’s technology as there are being rapid changes. Considering today’s automated shops and augmented and virtual reality, it’s astonishing to think of what kindergartners will know about technology when they are adults. Students have to be prepared for the changes that will happen in the future as the technology revolution will shift today’s workforce and reduce the number of jobs in the service sector. In 20 years, we will have autonomous cars on the roads and computing power surpassing the human brain will cost $1,000. The future education will be based on learning to learn because people have to continuously change and reinvent themselves. Students will need to learn to adapt quickly to change and to a high level of competition. K-12 schools need to have an education that embraces quality and social, emotional and technical skills. The innovation and acceleration of digital technologies requires that education goes beyond advance computation. K-12 schools can have a more personalized, outcome-based education if they include technologies as inverted classrooms or AI-enabled learning techniques. The world is changing, reducing many of the jobs we know today so we need to have an interdisciplinary education where there is a deep understanding of computers. Teacher education has to improve and be focused on technology such as technology-enhanced classrooms or immersive simulations across disciplines.

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