“New Report Shows That Nearly Three-quarters of ITSM Professionals Feel Undervalued In 2019”

(Sarah Schlothauer, Jaxenter, 05 April 2019)

The world of IT service and support moves quickly and is prone to constant change. SysAid surveyed professionals with a career in the ITSM field and their findings show that IT professionals feel overworked and underappreciated.

SysAid made the report “The Future of ITSM – Survey Results 2019” based on surveys to IT service and support professionals. Its main finding is that ITSM workers don’t feel appreciated at their job. Only 25% of respondents feel valued while 72% of respondents say that their efforts and value are not recognized. 84% of the surveyed thinks that IT work will get harder in the next three years. 55% of respondents admitted that working in IT disturbs their personal wellbeing negatively. Recruitment is also difficult as 75% of respondents say that it is hard to recruit main IT roles, with 59% finding it hard to fill some roles and 16% to face them at all. 9% of respondents think that AI will reduce IT staff numbers from now to 2021. Almost half of the respondents agree with this statement while 39% don’t. 9% of respondents said that their organization is using bots while 14% are experimenting with them and 15% will use bots in the next year. Now, less ITSM professionals use DevOps activities. In 2019, only 6% claimed full DevOps involvement, while 38% claimed little or no involvement and 27% said that they were partially involved but it wasn’t enough. SysAid questioned about how VeriSM, ITIL 4, ISO 20000, and COBIT 2019 affects. 27% of respondents will use what they usually use while 23% will think about new varieties. 7% of respondents admitted that they hadn’t heard about these practices before. This report shows the 2019 ITSM landscape and its challenges. SysAid advices to don’t make this topic harder than it already is with public help and advice.

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