“IoT Via Wi-Fi: Automating The Setup Via The Cloud May Be The Answer”

(Ian Scales, Telecomtv, 17 January 2019)

“Device manufacturers, system providers, and end users can simultaneously install, set up and configure multiple Wi-Fi devices successfully, but how?”.

One of the problems with residential Internet of Things (IoT) is that the setup via Wi-Fi bothers and the new owner usually does not work. This can be the one reason why the initial wave of IoT enabled gadgets failed, and the other reason why most of them were useless. It is difficult to set up a single application gadget to introduce automatically itself across the network. However, Aptilo Networks claims its Zero-Touch IoT Connectivity Solution can completely automate IoT attachments via Wi-Fi. There are solutions like Probme that seem to be approaching automating connections, but they still involve some manual processes. A Swedish company claims it has the solution: “just take it out of the box and turn it on”. Aptilo says it’s using Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud and AWS IoT Core. The solution is available for enterprises and telecom operators to add to their existing offerings. Paul Mikkelsen (CEO, Aptilo Networks) says the only way for Wi-Fi to be used on a large scale for IoT is for onboarding to happen automatically, after powering up the device for the first time. This solution can fix the problem when enterprise IoT involves dozens of devices, which require automatic setup in one time. Also, it supports Hotspot 2.0 and Passpoint. The Zero-Touch IoT Connectivity Solution uses device identities that already exist in the AWS IoT Core. Aptilo’s SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing) can control the activity of the device and collect input to form connectivity policies. According to Aptilo enterprise remains in control, while the service is seamless.

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