“IIoT Trends for 2019”

(Jessica Foreman, Data Centre & Network News, 9 January 2019)

“Software is the driver of what is so commonly referred to as Industry 4.0. Data strategies are only comprehensible when using the correct software. There’s no value in data if it is left to gather dust…”.

In the so-called age of Industry 4.0 or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), there is great value in investing in technology to enable digitalization in factories’ practices. Firstly, manufacturers have to find which technology is practical to their facility, before taking a digitalization scheme. It is important to understand how technology can practically help workers to comprehend that investments are pragmatic. They must achieve simplicity, gaining a clearer overview and control. Software is a method to accelerate growth of manufacturing digitalization. Manufacturers must identify the results that they need to achieve and define how data can help them to meet these business objectives. For example, a manufacturer wants to meliorate return on investment (ROI) in the facility by reducing the amount of materials wasted from production. It is necessary to collect production data and compare this with data from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This predetermined strategy can become an integral part of manufacturing. The sector of industrial software now is experiencing a convergence of Information Technologies (IT) and Operational Technologies (OT), creating new platforms, which integrate enterprise data from the corporate level through to field and process level automation. These platforms can lead to better design, visualization, calculation logic and ergonomics, making the operation of systems safer, simpler and more transparent. During the next twelve months, the products and initiatives hailed as ways to transform manufacturing facilities will eventually become practical.

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