“How to Monetize Your Data”

(Andrew Goldmann, Lotame, 1 February 2019)

“If content is king, data is the myriad advisors who make that king successful. Data is the king’s eyes & ears & the subject matter experts who make a monarchy more powerful than a solitary ruler could possibly be”

Get ready for data monetization. 1) Dependable. Data quality. A) Data has to be valuable & monetizable. Be able to trust its accuracy. B) Gathered your information from a reliable source & in a manner that didn’t compromise validity. C) Enough data & the right data to have a representative sample. 2) Relevant. A) Determining whether information will be useful to a buyer requires you to understand their goals & figure out how your information can help. 3) Segmented. A) It’s a way to make sense of your data & it allows you to sell data with a specific purpose in mind as opposed to just as a nebulous chunk of raw data. 4) Secure & Anonymized. A) Keeping your data protected helps to preserve its value &, when using customer information, is absolutely vital for privacy & security. B) Useful Data Security Tools. B.1) Authorization. B.2) Encryption. B.3) Masking. B.4) Tokenization. How Monetize Enterprise Data in Five Easy Steps. A) Identify Available Data Sources. B) Organize Your Data. C) Conduct Research & Analytics. D) Set Terms & Prices. E) Finalize the Product. Three Ways to Monetize Data. To take advantage of the economic benefit of collecting data, sell your data on an exchange or sell it privately. A) Using a Data Exchange. B) Using a Private Marketplace. C) Raw Data vs. Insights. Solutions from Lotame. A) Takes care of the hard work for you by providing you with access to information from billions of mobile & desktop users worldwide. B) Measures to remove bots from our profiles & to maintain top-notch privacy standards.

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