“How Edge Computing Is Making 5G Possible”

(Ian Barker, Betanews, 18 March 2019)

“New technologies will enable & extend digital transformation projects at the edge, & this is only the beginning”.

Verizon announced its intention to increase its use of edge computing technology. Jason Andersen, VP at Stratus Technologies discuss the need for 5G to be paired with edge computing: 1) 5G is going to be a huge game changer when it comes to enabling new levels of connectivity & computing. 2) Edge computing is a necessary intersection to truly extend the value of 5G: A) Their devices will provide connectivity and protection for new and existing edge devices. B) Even though 5G will provide the edge with far better connectivity and lower latency to cloud based applications, there is still the cost of processing and storing the data. A hybrid edge compute/5G solution will mitigate these costs. C) 5G opens the aperture for more applications to run at the edge (e.g., analytics, cybersecurity or compliance/regulatory apps), in order to run and be remotely managed with resiliency and integrity. 3) The combination of edge and 5G will benefit the supply chain. 4) Edge platforms can aggregate and analyze data over time, revealing insights to drive continuous improvement. 5) In the oil&gas industry, edge computing can be deployed at remote pump sites and connected to centralized automation systems through 5G networks. 6) New hybrid applications that 5G is targeting have both edge and cloud components. The edge part needs to have the capacity to handle the real-time controls but it will still need the information from the cloud. 7) There is already demand private wireless networks at the far edge. Those sites will move to 5G with edge implementation in the next 3-5 years.

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