“How DevOps And Hybrid Cloud Are Delivering Digital Transformation”

(Jon Lucas, DevOpsonline.co.uk, 19 February 2019)

“The cloud gives us a platform to digitally transform services and the innovation provided by DevOps & hybrid cloud gives us the mechanisms and means to achieve that goal faster, more efficiently and more effectively”.

Digital transformation has been heavily promoted as a way for businesses to stay relevant by adopting technologies to be more efficient or effective. Factors: 1) Cloud Computing. A) Transform businesses. Easily add resources to servers & move applications. B) Hugely cost-effective. Users only pay for the resources they use, as & when they require them. C) Allows users to work remotely & collaboratively. 2) DevOps. A) A stable operating environment by drawing all of the processes together. Enables organisations to create code faster, reduce human errors & optimise costs. B) Cloud has emerged as a major enabler for DevOps. C) Businesses can see instant improvements from the changes that DevOps brings. Scaling up is still a major obstacle and needs to be monitored. 3) Hybrid Cloud. A)  A combination of private and public clouds. Promises significant cost savings, increased flexibility and the ability to meet compliance requirements. B) Gives to CIOs the flexibility and versatility to utilise the IT infrastructures they already have while integrating new services and eliminating old technology. C) The service is only as good as the provider. Advise the right hosting partner on the best way to control all cloud resources and manage services for a successful transition to a hybrid cloud. 4) Challenges. A) The aim of any transformation is for companies to make their services more accessible and easy to manage. B) Assume that digital transformation can ever be completed. C) Ensure that digital services are deployed and used effectively to improve the way the business works.

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