“How Blockchain Allows A Data-Driven Approach To Investing In Startups”

(Yoav Vilner, Forbes, 22 December 2018)

"“An expanding landscape of startups leads to a more complicated and time-intensive analysis by investors. Using data-driven approaches investors can pull precise details and identify aspects of blossoming ideas and companies”."

Startups are provided with new frameworks for managing networking, documentation and resources. Innovative industries will begin to coalesce into integrated systems, creating a new ecosystem of technological advance from AI to IoT. Investors are looking for adequate tools to assist their evaluation of startups. Venture capital firms are turning to enhanced metrics and data analysis, evaluating hackathons, accelerators and corporate incubators to discover talented leaders and young ideas. Intersectional tools (blockchains, AI for improved analytics and risk management) have become popular avenues for startup market analysis and investment. Blockchains, AI and IoT are complementary and should foster a new future technological stack of integrated systems: a) neo-banking; b) decentralized governance; and c) supply chain. Data-driven approaches emphasis on more precise metrics, crowdsourced resources and AI-powered analytical tools seem to be the inevitable direction of entrepreneurial innovation: 1) IPO opportunities on the horizon for any validated startup unicorn. 2) Wait for the SEC before considering investing in cryptocurrencies any further.

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