“How Analytics And AI Can Create Inclusive Business Growth In South East Asia”

(Bhasker Gupta, Analytics India, 31 December 2018)

“The biggest reason why transformational programs fail is lack of leadership & organizational commitment. A successful Chief Data and AI Officer allows him to understand the details of the most critical business problems the company is facing and to design analytics and AI driven solutions for them” .

The telecommunications industry services billions of customers daily and generates enormous amounts of data. Analytics&AI are crucial to the industry’s future. A debate about whether the return on investment is worth pursuing. Operators that figure out how to leverage these technologies will thrive. 1) Analytics&AI can make a difference through both cost efficiency and revenue stimulation initiatives. 2) Using data to fuel new revenue streams outside the core business, while preserving customers privacy. 3) The industry invests in network equipment every year including mobile and fixed, which requires: analyzing greats amounts of network traffic data, subscriber records as well as external data. 4) Analytics can also help to optimize online and offline advertising spends. 5) Robotic process automation, an AI technology, can bring substantial short-term returns by automating repetitive processes in support functions such as finance and IT. 6) AI-driven chatbots, video-bots or intelligent agents can bring in high scalability and better customer service at a lower cost. 7) Governments: A) Establishing a policy framework. B) Ensuring that AI contributes to inclusive business growth and constructive social outcomes. C) Making government data available to businesses in machine-readable formats and deploying AI in government use cases. D) Developing AI talent, making long-term investments in education. E) Supporting the development of AI hubs as epicenters of talent, AI entrepreneurship and development as well as commercialization.

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