“DataOps Is More Than DevOps For Data, Delphix CTO Says”

(Jack Vaughan, Search Data Management, 22 February 2019)

“DataOps today: Essentially, the problem to be solved is data delivery. It's about people, practices & breaking apart departmental silos as much as it's about technology”.

Data operations are increasingly used as part of projects that put data at the center of development. 1) DataOps is about the flow of information in the data & how you manage it in a self-service fashion: A) capture data. B) secure data. C) to curate, prepare and move data. D) to deliver it giving end consumers not just access to the data, but actual control over it. 2) Nowadays everybody has a different pattern and a different set of practices around DataOps: A) analytics or AI or ML. B) application development. 3) figure out ways to use data to deliver new capabilities and insights. It all comes with competing in the market: A) IT methods just aren't cutting it. They're too slow, they're too fragile, they're too insecure (e.g., data breaches, poor application quality or stalled projects). B) DataOps is about finding ways to really manage that end-to-end delivery and lifecycle of data and do it in a way that's fast & efficient & secure. 4) Eric Schrock, Delphix CTO: “With DataOps, you start to think in terms of how you get data to the people who need it while ensuring it is secured. When there is one set of people who are focused on making that happen, it brings together the managers & the consumers of that data”.

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