“Actifio Looks To Meld DataOps With DevOps”

(Mike Vizard, Devops.com, 12 February 2019)

“Actifio & IBM have formed an alliance under which IBM will make available data management software developed by Actifio under its own to close the gap between DevOps & DataOps”

With the rise of both DevOps & DataOps, there is now a unique opportunity to unify the management of pipelines across the enterprise. There is a nascent DataOps effort based on a set of best practices for automating the management of data that borrows many of the same principles being advanced by DevOps proponents for the building and deploying of applications. 1) Actifio’s core Virtual Data Pipeline technology advances DataOps by making it easier to copy a virtual instance of a data set running in a production environment and update it with the most recent copy of that data at any point in time. 2) IBM plans to make an instance of a Virtual Data Pipeline available as part of the IBM InfoSphere portfolio of data management software it provides. That agreement extends Actfio’s existing reseller relationship with IBM. 3) Most storage administrators today are not all that familiar with how the data pipelines they create are consumed by applications. 4) Application environments become more dynamic thanks to the rise of microservices, the pressure to modernize data management will only increase. 5) Most IT organizations are a very long way from melding DevOps & DataOps. But the convergence is all but inevitable. The only thing that remains to be seen is the degree to which IT organizations will proactively seek to achieve that goal versus waiting for developers to force the issue.

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