“A New Path for Telco Customer Engagement”

(Daniel Glaser, Jesper Ludolph, Ruben Schaubroeck, Theodor Vendrig, McKinsey & Company, February 2019)

“Next-generation marketing and sales techniques offer incumbents real opportunity to thrive in a challenging landscape”

The long-promised concept of Omni-channel is becoming a reality now that mobile and the web are seamlessly connected and both automation and personalization are possible with Advanced Analytics (AA). Two threats have exposed the old way of doing business as quite vulnerable: 1) digital attackers have taken over significant market share: MyRepublic launched in Singapore in 2012 and captured 7 percent of fixed-broadband market share. In France, Free Mobile captured a 19% telecom market share within four years of launching in 2012. 2) Over-The-Top (OTT) players: WhatsApp, Apple’s FaceTime, and Tencent’s WeChat are growing quickly, which could decrease spending on traditional fixed and mobile communications services by up to 36 percent. Next-generation marketing and sales require investment in new, agile approaches to work as well as AA and technology, enabled by leadership buy-in and a deep talent pool. There are three pillars of next-generation marketing and sales: 1) buy-in and talent: make new cross-functional teams and choose the right core-team members; make a cultural change. 2) Digital ways of working: establish agile marketing mindset and be faster, targeted, and dynamic in execution. 3) Comprehensive and flexible technology: provide optimized targeting and personalization at scale, leveraging both internal and external data. Telcos need to undergo a fundamental digital marketing and sales transformation. If they don’t embrace this development not only pass up an opportunity to increase market share, they risk losing a major part of existing market share.

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