“2019 Industrial IoT Predictions: Analytics/Data Science”

(Bsquare, B Square, 4 January 2019)

“The future & the present of IIoT: 5G, Image & video data, cloud connectivity, ML algorithms, automation & deep learning”.

IIoT predictions: 1) 5G. A) Data collection will increase in industrial IoT with the adoption of 5g and with data storage prices lower than ever. B) IIoT would be able to leverage its low latency and high reliability to enable real time, better quality data streams. 2) Image and video data. A) I&VD streams can be expected to increase and hence increase data analysis projects. B) The growth and proliferation of deep learning algorithms and applications. C) Models and algorithms that work better in the IIoT domain, specifically considering visual patterns required to identify faults at the factory floor. 3) Data collection and analytics practices. A) Small changes including collecting different types of data, adjusting the frequency of data collection and transforming data differently can make a huge impact on actionable insights. Also, with predictive analytics. B) Connectivity to the cloud is impacting business in order to put actionable insights into motion. 4) ML algorithms. The confluence of increased computational power and accessibility to enormous datasets have pushed ML to can be used to enable huge prediction accuracy. B) Latest results in object detection and image classification in ILSVRC. 5) Data engineering transformation and automation efficacy. Collecting data from remote devices and thus dealing with all the attendant problems creates difficulties that even the most elegant of ML algorithms struggle to solve. 6) Deep Learning. A) DL algorithms will become popular and gradually replace traditional ML algorithms. B) Training larger NLP Networks has become possible thanks to GPUs

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