“10 Data and Analytics Trends to Watch in 2019”

(Tricia Morris, Business2Community, 25 January 2019)

“In 2019, leaders are now being challenged to change their siloed, departmental analytics approach to data, put away all their “interesting” dashboards, and get down to defined business outcomes. It is not just analytics; you have to keep your eye on the prize-action”.

These are 10 Enterprise Analytics Trends to watch in 2019: 1) The Data Mindset moves from visualization to outcomes: insights projects must draw a straight line from business objectives to business outcomes. 2) Explainable AI requires investment: that will enable managing regulations, ethical use of data, transparency, compliance requirements and risk. 3) Consumer-grade, Zero-click Intelligence arrives: real-time intelligence can be used from employees and consumed by every individual, breaking down the barrier to organization-wide analytics adoption. 4) Embedded Analytics enables success in digital economy: embedding intelligence into day-to-day business applications empower employees to make the best decisions. 5) Leaders bring Advanced Analytics into production at scale: leaders need to meet low-latency requirements by embracing stream processing, and get creative with Embedded Analytics. 6) Collaboration rises again: 52% of organizations intend to use collaboration with analytics. 7) Pervasive mobility bolsters business success: some key technology innovations can make mobile devices smarter and valuable to business, such as device proximity, speech recognition and augmented reality. 8) AI strategies become a necessity: businesses need an AI strategy and must prepare an end-to-end AI management solution. 9) Leaders must take the best steps today to ensure future success: AI-Augmented data systems must be transparent, explainable, reversible and human led. 10) The evolution of analytics accelerates: enterprises need to shift their organization’s culture to become more data-inspired in decision-making related to strategic down to tactical decisions.

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