We select, classify and synthesize the best ideas/analyses/insights/debates on all the major global issues (economy, international politics, energy, environment, education, science&technology, business, religion, gender issues…) and all countries/regions of the world (USA, India, Middle East, China, Africa, Europe, Latin America, India).

We are not interested in news, only in ideas that endure due to their insights into the medium and long term developments. We work on two differentiated products/services for two distinct markets:

A) Qualitative reports (by sector/country/region) with future scenarios for decision makers, drawn from the synthesis of the wealth of ideas/analyses selected from the global media (corporate market: businesses and institutions).

B) Access to the best ideas of the world on any given discipline (theme/issue) or geographical area (country/region): a selection of the best articles from the global media, classified and summarized in 15-20 lines (individual, massive market online). Both markets are global: in English -and eventually all international languages-.

We want to be a global company with diverse international investors, to provide a unique digital platform, offering global intelligence of ideas in the Internet (selection + classification + synthesis = access).

We provide WHAT THE WORLD THINKS to decision-makers: offering those who decide the best from those who think. This global service does not at present exist in the Internet universe. We have the capacity to create it. We need the technology and the professional talent to help us in the process.


Searching Ideas