The ISA Discovery Model

A primary objective of all ISA programs is to facilitate the learning and development of program participants. We rely on host universities to provide quality instruction in the classroom, but ISA is the main facilitator of learning outside of the classroom. Our efforts to promote student learning are shaped by a teaching & learning framework we call the ISA Discovery Model. According to this model, student learning and development is organized into five areas of discovery:

  • InterculturalDC-intercultural-sm copy
  • Historical/CulturalDC-historical-sm copy
  • SociopoliticalDC-socialpolitical-sm copy
  • ProfessionalDC-professional-sm copy
  • EnvironmentalDC-environmental-sm copy

Throughout the duration of ISA programs, we provide participants with opportunities and resources that enable them to pursue these five areas of discovery. One such resource is the Dare-Think Newsletter, an ISA sponsored student-guided project that provides in-depth analysis of geopolitical topics, global economic issues, technological advances and environmental awareness.