“My Party Is in Denial About Donald Trump” Jeff Flake, Politico, 31 July 2017

“We have taken our ‘institutions conducive to freedom’,  as Goldwater put it, for granted as we have engaged in one of the more reckless periods of politics in our history. In 2017, we seem to have lost our appreciation for just how hard won and vulnerable those institutions are”.

The people ensured the rise of president Donald Trump and it is we conservatives who mocked Barack Obama’s failure to implement his plans. The Government of the United States has suffered disorder and disintegration in its parties and it is an awful pill to swallow. Someone and something needs to be done with our Constitution and that someone is “us and the something is Congress. There used to be institutional loyalty within Congress that created bonds between parities, but it is very difficult to find those now. The common goal is not to make America truly great and work together, but it is leaning towards the alienation of each other. Jeff Flake states, “our forebears knew that ‘keeping a Republicmeant, above all, keeping it safe from foreign transgressors; they knew that a people cannot live and work freely, and develop national institutions conducive to freedom, except in peace and with independence”. How should the Republicans handle this situation? We need to speak our mind about our Republican Party, consider the long view in dealing with economic decisions and policies, and lastly defend our institutions. We are in a reckless period of politics and we have taken advantage of our situation. We need to regain faith and trust our institutions.


“My Party Is in Denial About Donald Trump” Jeff Flake, Politico, 31 July 2017


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