“In Russia, Protests Demonstrate A Fundamental Change” , Stratfor, 13 June 2017


No longer will Russian protests be predominantly filled with those of older generations - the youth has come out to have a say. What exactly are they saying? They want an end to the Government corruption they see everyday. They want some form of democracy. They want the economic crisis to end. Not only is this round of protests dramatically different due to the age ranges that came out to protest, but also due to its beginnings. These mass protests “grew organically out of a series of deeply rooted grievances with Government corruption, a lack of democracy and stagnant economic conditions”. These are issues that have mobilized them to march in notable numbers and across the country. This is markedly different than protests of the past that have been started due to “singular events during an election season” rather than due to an overall dissatisfaction in the government as we are seeing today. Putin can try to placate the protesters by fulfilling some of their requests. He could try firing Medvedev, but that would put the rest of the Kremlin at risk of being fired. Whatever the actions he chooses to take, he needs to act now before the dissatisfied population turns up at the polls. Navalny has proven with this round of protests that he has the ability to get people to protest, but we need to wait and see the effectiveness of his collaborations with other protest movements. They are not enough to keep Putin from winning the next round of elections, but they will have enough of an impact as to “lay the groundwork for a shift in Russia's political landscape down the road”.

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“In Russia, Protests Demonstrate A Fundamental Change” , Stratfor, 13 June 2017


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