“Who Sows the Wind Reaps the Storm” Editorial, A Nova Democracia, May 2017

“Only fools and incorrigible opportunists believe that this rotten Brazilian Parliament is the stage for the workers in their class struggle. From this reactionary den, a direct and open expression of semi-feudality and semi-coloniality, we could expect nothing else.”

The coverage of the recent polls --that have approved far-reaching changes to labor laws, withdrawing workers' rights and the General Strike that paralyzed the country with marked demonstrations in the countryside, with highway cuts, and in the largest cities with clashes between the workers and the repression forces of the old state-- by the communication monopoly, once again, denoted its reactionary and lying class character. While protests were downplayed as minority demonstrations, congressional voting and Temer management's reactions highlighted "a major victory" and "breakthrough" for the "resumption" of development and the end of the recession. In essence, parliament is one of the mainstays of the class dictatorship of the big bourgeoisie, the latifundia and imperialism over the working class and the peasantry, over teachers, public officials, small and medium-sized industrial, commercial and service owners and the unemployed. But not only the parliamentarians, but also the so-called Three Powers of the Republic, together with the monopoly of the press, are the authors of these most cruel blows against the people and the nation in the history of the republic and that, sooner or later, all its authors will pay dearly for these heinous crimes.Temer, Meirelles, Maia, Eunice, Fiesp, the Bourse, the Yankee Embassy, the press monopoly, and the other crooks and vendors, fraternized under the sweet illusion that their nefarious goals, transformed into law, will last forever. And when the anger of the masses, with the growing number of protests, becomes a material force capable of lifting the flames turn into embers, coal ash and the old order, no scoundrel will escape the rising tide of popular revolt.

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“Who Sows the Wind Reaps the Storm” Editorial, A Nova Democracia, May 2017


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