“Kashmir: an Alternative View” Touqir Hussain, The Express Tribune, 22 February 2017

Kashmir is embedded in Pakistan’s history, identity and moral purpose. It should therefore continue to support the Kashmir cause diplomatically, morally and politically”.

Kashmir has awoken. Not by revolt, protest or politics but from the people who are willing to stand up and fight for their cause. The hatred towards India of the Pakistani youth has increased along with the restlessness and dissatisfaction the Kashmir conflict has instilled. Kashmir is at a historic moment and with India’s military presence being rejected by the Kashmiris, conflicts have arisen. The Indian military and security presence of 700,000 troops brings confusion because Kashmir is being held by force, not because of similar beliefs and this is what India will implement for however long it takes. Touqir Hussain said, “India knows that the success of the Kashmir cause depends on two facts — the strength of the insurgency and Pakistan’s support to the Kashmir cause”. Kashmir would not exist without Pakistan and India is fully aware. India’s growing economic power, geographical location and Pakistan’s current image have helped ensure India’s strength. Pakistan can only help the Kashmir cause through dialogue even though dialogue is not achievable. The Kashmiris need to study other movements, increase their resistance and restructure their image abroad. Without support from Pakistan, the Kashmiris have no chance. Pakistan should never betray Kashmir because the economic or political insurances would only make India stronger. Pakistan will help wherever they can, but first need to strengthen their nation and will always support the Kashmir cause because Kashmir is engrained in the history of Pakistan.

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“Kashmir: an Alternative View” Touqir Hussain, The Express Tribune, 22 February 2017


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