“Is Social Media Bad For Young People’s Mental Health?” , The Guardian, 20 January 2017

  Although evidence is emerging of the impact of cyberbullying on mental health, research is being carried out to show the support social media can offer to people suffering from chronic illnesses.

This generation has had the internet at the growing up stage but there is still not much information about Instagram, Facebook and Twitter on mental health. Cyberbullying being on the rise, it is imperative to find out. A case was seen of a boy named Felix who took his life because of bullying which only got worse with the introduction of social media. This is seen commonly, as research was carried out in 2014 and it was found that about 35% of students aged 11-17 experience cyberbullying. John-Baptiste Pingault says “with classical bullying you have safe places (places the bully cannot go like the home) but with cyberbullying, technology is often on all the time so you are constantly exposed to the risk”. He also notes the possibility of one being bullied by people one does not know. Social media has impacted all our lives but has a deeper impact on the young people; they use it daily. The downsides of social media can go beyond just bullying. Studies have shown that people who compare themselves with others on social media sites are more prone to feel depressed. Although there are hints or indicators of the evils of social media, the link between mental health is not seen clearly. On the other hand, Professor John Powell brings another angle saying that people with rare conditions have the opportunity to connect from people all over the world, perhaps with the same condition. Social media can in this way be used to monitor and increase mental health wellbeing. While more research is going on about the negative impacts of social media on mental health it also has some merits. Social media should be used and harnessed for things which will benefit the person and the society at large.

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“Is Social Media Bad For Young People’s Mental Health?” , The Guardian, 20 January 2017


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