“6 Major Disadvantages Of Genetically Modified Foods” Megan L. Norris, Bioexplorer, 25 Nov 2016

“The long term effects of GMOs are not certain. Scientists fear that excessive production of genetically modified foods that have toxin producing property will be rendered ineffective over time”.

In the continuing battle for hunger, food production has really gotten more technologically improved through the years. Hence the production of food that are said to be “Genetically Modified”. Basically, being genetically modified means that a “Gene of Interest” from one organism is extracted and is inserted into the genes of the target organisms. That gene may come from bacteria, insects, and animals that have the specific target trait. The problem is that several disadvantages may result from the process of genetic engineering. This is because the mere process of recombinant DNA technology is already prone to mutation that can lead to unpredictable changes in the DNA and their proteins produced. In humans, the number one most common side effect of consuming GM (Genetically Modified) foods is allergic reaction. This allergic reaction happens when a certain protein/allergen present in the GM crop enters the body and stimulates an immune response. A GM food may also increase its production of toxins at levels already harmful to humans. Ironically, some genetically modified foods have been reported to be void of nutritional value. Because genetic engineering tends to focus more on increasing their production. In terms of its environmental effects, toxicity is a huge issue concerning GM crops. One particular example is the Bt Corn (Bacillus Thuringensis Corn), which is widely known for its pest controlling ability. While such characteristic is helpful in controlling pests, this may result to the releasing of the said toxin to the soil. As a result, the soil becomes void of all necessary nutrients. In addition to health and environmental issues, the production of GM crops has become the center of social and ethical debates, and at present, it is still very difficult to decipher their long term effects, hence, leaving consumers the fear for safety. The decision is all up to you.

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“6 Major Disadvantages Of Genetically Modified Foods” Megan L. Norris, Bioexplorer, 25 Nov 2016


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