“Trump, Brexit, Populism, and the Dawn of the Liberal World Order” Dr. Thomas Henökl, Europe Now, January 20th, 2017

“Trump’s ‘politics of rage,’ his ruthless power gamble with the protest capital generated by the growing social inequality in the US, and his recklessness in the pursuit of corporate interest will serve to further expand the gulf between the disadvantaged and the chronically over-rewarded, not just in America, but also increasingly throughout the world.”

Trump’s recent election has triggered an international concern that has been absent with all past American elections. It is apparent that the United State’s new leader will take a path of unilateralism, allowing for little help with international development or developing global policies for the common good. Trump’s inflammatory statements, along with his selections for cabinet members raise fear for many that America will oppose any co-operation in the future. The impact of what has happened thus far with POTUS can be felt in all international co-operations. Trump’s overall treatment of people and disinterest in bettering the lives of others worldwide have proven a great concern for the international community. Trump’s new mentality of “America first” leaves Europe fighting for global development, democracy and human rights on its own. There is speculation that the new approach of the U.S. to the Trans-Pacific Partnership could lead to Europe and China working closely, that still leads to the conflict of Japan and Korea fearing the effects of political insecurity. The “America first” mindset will have worldwide consequences and might cause an anti-liberal backslide. Conflicts will soon emerge over resources and power. There is likely to be an emphasis on security and defense over other aspects of international relations. This year there are a series of important elections and policy decisions in some European states. The lack of a long term perspective could easily lead to the creation of a vacuum allowing other regional powers to take power. To top it all off the EU is losing a key member state. Trump has spoken in great favor of Brexit. Pushing the idea of a bilateral trade agreement, With a shift towards economic nationalism in the UK and the US, including the introduction of extra tariffs and a vague threat to turn Britain into a tax haven to attract businesses, the signs point to an end of the liberal economic order, a trend that further industrialized countries could emulate.” Europe needs more than ever to find cohesion on pressing issues or else we will be faced. Currently all hope is found in Germany, which will hopefully be able to build new alliances for co-operation. Europe needs to be at the forefront of global responsibility in order to maintain a democratic structure.

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“Trump, Brexit, Populism, and the Dawn of the Liberal World Order” Dr. Thomas Henökl, Europe Now, January 20th, 2017


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