“Toyota and Suzuki Bet on Green, Safety Technology” AP, Times of India, 7 February 2017

"We now stand at the starting point for building a concrete cooperative relationship. I want to give this effort our fullest and to aim at producing results that will lead Toyota to conclude that it was the right thing for Toyota to have decided to work together with Suzuki"

Toyota and Suzuki, which have talked about a possible partnership between them since October, have announced that they will work together on green and safety technology, a growing sector, and the agreement was approved by a memorandum between the two companies. In addition, it is also important to talk about a possible collaboration in information technology, as well as specific projects. Suzuki, which has no hybrid or electric cars in its range, also highlights the possibility of incorporating self-driving in the future. Toyota President Akio Toyoda praised Suzuki's entrepreneurial spirit. "I am truly thankful for having been given this opportunity to work together with a company such as Suzuki, which overflows with the spirit of challenge. Toyota looks forward to learning much" This technology is expensive, and the two car companies have encouraged others to join this partnership which have a lot of opportunities both for the general market and the companies involved. Toyota, which is the leader in the hybrids and electric cars sector with models such as the best-selling Toyota Prius, contemplated how positive it would be to enhance this segment, which would greatly help the environment and the current concern about the global warming.

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“Toyota and Suzuki Bet on Green, Safety Technology” AP, Times of India, 7 February 2017


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