“This ‘Star Trek’-Like Headset Helps the Legally Blind See Again” Lexy Savvides, CNET, 15 February 2017

I remember putting them on and looking up and I saw my husband who I’d been married to for eight years and had never seen before.”

What would you think if you could not read anything, see your future children or play your favourite sport? Yvonne Felix is a legally blind who lost her sight after being hit by a car when she was a child. Currently, she has been able to see her husband after eight years of marriage and her two-month-old son thanks to the “eSight 3”, hi-tech glasses invented by a Canadian company, like Geordi La Forge in “Star Trek”, who wore the “VISOR”. The “eSight 3” has a camera and optical prisms in the headset to restore sight to wearer. It is a good point that everyone can try it because it is not a medication or something that could affect to your organism. “Anyone can give eSight a try”, CEO Dr. Brian Mech said. Felix thinks that a lot of blind people feel that they are not part of the society and glasses like “eSight” are the solution. The glasses have a special controller connected to the headset which let boost the contrast, zoom in/out images or texts, control the brightness, etc. However, this is not the limit, fortunately, there is room for improvement. The main target of the company is that the difference between their glasses and a pair of contact lenses to be as small as possible, and Mech think that this is possible in the next five or ten years. Another possible improvement is a waterproofing version. Actually, there are other devices for the legally blind, but they are not as efficient as “eSight” due to the fact that they can only improve vision for a specific task and they are not good for any activity. Nowadays, Felix still use the headset and she is happier than ever. Sales associates take interest about the device when she walks through the street and she loves that because it allows her to talk about the solutions for low vision and their advantages.

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“This ‘Star Trek’-Like Headset Helps the Legally Blind See Again” Lexy Savvides, CNET, 15 February 2017


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