“Media Should Not Shy Away From Covering Religious Issues” , Muslim Times 360, 1 November 2016

“What journalists need to understand is that faith plays a major role in someone’s motivation for doing something. It is something that should be highlighted by giving the coverage it deserves”

Religion, although it represents a key aspect to human life, has been always ignored by the media. One of the reasons could be attributed to an erroneous conception linking religion and clergy on secular media. And it is also a challenging issue to journalists and their mission to present religious diversity in a balanced way. From a global perspective, religion is the reflection of our inner identity and faith affects the welfare of society: family, health, politics, economy. Therefore, it becomes clear journalism should never forget what place religion occupies in the hearts of people and give it the coverage deserved. Secular media often reports religion in such a manner as to promote dialogue and comprehension among all civilizations, “providing a neutral service to all readers regardless of religious inclination”. A wider presence in the media would be desirable as long as it’d contribute to larger content diversity. For instance, faith communities have been always on the front line when it comes to natural or man-made disasters and crisis by offering caring, educational and medical services to the most deprived. Nowadays, it is claimed that mainstream media just inform about religion matters if there are scandals and conflicts involved, usually with “an anti-religious bias”. If by any chance, the report gives positive coverage, a lack of background depth is recognized. Journalists are not professionally trained on religion, thus they’d rather stay away from covering those issues they know nothing about. Secular media, that’s said, should renew its status quo by reporting on religion in a way that benefits cultural diversities across the world: “if religion reporting is done employing the universal principles of good journalism, these are valuable stories that need to be told.

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“Media Should Not Shy Away From Covering Religious Issues” , Muslim Times 360, 1 November 2016


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