“How to Spot a Social Media Neo-Televangelist” Aaron Earls, The Wardrobe Door, 2 May 2016

“You may think liking their page or occasionally sharing their posts is no big deal, but it perpetuates their false ministry and exposes everyone in your social media feed to their toxic version of Christianity”

Today, it is well known televangelists deceive Christians all around the world: they want the audience to sacrifice their money and get nothing in return, including users on social media. The so-called neo-televangelists are not concerned about the money anymore. Instead, they are after social media feed and page views. Their new goal is to go viral, so “ad rates go up and they make more money”. In order to prevent people from being conned, we’ve selected five ways to spot a social media neo-televangelist. First of all, they sell nothing but clickbait headlines as well as fear-mongering posts to scream a false truth for Christians to fall for. Another way is recognizing the anger-stoking character against the others that sums up their posts: they don’t want readers to “think outside their comfort zone” or be challenged at all. Third, neo-televangelists don’t often follow the Bible except for spread rage feelings. They’re just looking for a click-and-share reaction, far away from a Scripture discussion. Fourthly, contradiction is still the norm as long as they’re constantly condemning things that perpetuate those societal ills they are combating. And last but not least, a terrible lack of humility. Neo-televangelists will never admit they’re wrong about neither aggressiveness nor combativeness on social media shares. They don’t realize the harm they’re causing to both Christ and Christians reputation and character, because in their quest for pageviews and social media shares (and eventually money), they coarsen our outlook on the world and discourage our love for others”, now considered enemies rather than brothers. Christians has to start seeing exploitive neo-televangelists for who they really are.


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“How to Spot a Social Media Neo-Televangelist” Aaron Earls, The Wardrobe Door, 2 May 2016


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