“How Much Cleaner Really Is Tesla? Depends On Where You Are” Anna Hirtenstein, Bloomberg, 20 September 2016

“In 2015, driving a mile in an electric vehicle emitted 40 percent less pollution on average than traveling the same distance in a regular Car”

The production mix used in each country is fundamental to determine the real pollution emitted by EVs (Electric Vehicles). The energy to charge the batteries will create emissions, that are higher in countries which its production mix in based on coal, like China, and lower in countries that bet for the renewables energies, such as France or Norway. On average, the pollution produced by EVs are as little as half of the pollution emitted by a gasoline or diesel car. The popularity, and population, of EVs is increasing rapidly. In the first half of 2016, sales grew up a 44%, reaching a record of 647.000 EVs around the world. An EV running from mostly green energy can be twice as clean as the same car charged in a normal energy-mix country, and in a country with a high dependence on coal, it would be only a 20% save, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists. In the other hand, the fuel motors are getting more and more efficient. France gets 90% of its energy from nuclear and renewables. Even there, in the upcoming years, the gap between the emissions of electric cars and fuel-combustion engines will narrow, because gasoline and diesels engines are getting cleaner. However, that does not mean that conventional engines are winning the battle. According to McKerracher: “Essentially, the generation mix gets cleaner faster than internal combustion engines can improve over the next 25 years. The future is electric”. Generally, the global electricity mix is getting cleaner and in the next 25 years. The current global electricity mix depends on more than a 55% percent on coal and gas, letting the rest to renewable and nuclear energies. In 2040, the sum of coal and gas would be only 30% percent, what will make the EVs much cleaner than now. Finally, if only a renewable energy could be used, the solar energy is the one with more potential, charging a car using this energy is 11 times cleaner, but the cleanest is the wind power energy, because its impact on environment is quite low.

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“How Much Cleaner Really Is Tesla? Depends On Where You Are” Anna Hirtenstein, Bloomberg, 20 September 2016


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