“Europe Is the West’s Last Defence Against Populism” Charles Kupchan, Foreign Policy, 15 February 2017

“Pax Britannica and Pax Americana have together provided the foundation for the modern, globalized world. Yet, the West’s two founding members — the United Kingdom and the United States — are backing away from the order they spent considerable blood and treasure to build and maintain”.

America and Europe has provided a foundation for a globalised world. However, post-industrial politics have not done enough to manage globalization and the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump are proof that both countries’ citizens disagree with the liberal international order made after World War II and want to end it. The new social compact entails better managing globalization as The United States will be “great again” by remaining the world’s leader in innovation, technology and education and The United Kingdom will become a resurgent economy again. There are three urgent tasks that will prevent the end of the era of liberal internationalism which opened in 1945. First, political centrists must offer a new social compact that is a credible alternative to the false economic promises of the populists to ensure globalization’s benefits to all and must be addressed for the sake of democratic politics. Second, while the United States and other Western democracies are buffeted by populist forces, the moderating effects of institutional checks and balances and constraints on executive authority must be fully exercised. Finally, since the United States and Great Britain will be missing when it comes to defending the liberal international order, continental Europe leadership is the best hope as the internal cohesion of the EU is made up of the same opposed populism.

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“Europe Is the West’s Last Defence Against Populism” Charles Kupchan, Foreign Policy, 15 February 2017


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