“Nigeria’s Young Techies Try to Inject New Life into Struggling Economy” Chika Oduah, VOA News, January 17, 2017

“We’re trying to solve two problems. [There is] no reliable data in Nigeria for businesses to make plans, yet we have unemployed youth who are viable people who want to work”

Due to the condition of the Nigerian Economy, many start-up businesses and other pre-existing companies are in a state of problems, whereby their operations are hindered by the current economic recession. Although not all is in the negative as various young tech entrepreneurs have begun to create companies that counter the effects of the recession in an everyday business, such as MobileForm Team. MobileForm Team is a start-up tech company created by Tomi Ayorinde in the month of September 2016; the objective of this company is to provide a pool of prices of basic Nigerian commodities using reliable and accurate data gathered from markets in different states in the form of an app. Although the company has faced some issues since its launch was literally at the peak of the recession, it’s been able to run smoothly and functionally. A number of other tech companies such as PayConnect and Wesabi have also fully operated in this recession, however they might not have performed this good without the support of Ventures Platform. Ventures Platform is one of only a handful couple of assets for the city's tech-driven startup proprietors. The hatchery center point gives web and workspaces in a smooth, present day space. The center additionally interfaces investors with startups. Ventures Platform helped a group of youthful Nigerians to create WeSabi. It's an administration that interfaces clients to a pool of solid jacks-of-all-trades and artisans. Clients visit the WeSabi site to discover an exchange worker, for example, a woodworker or a handyman.

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“Nigeria’s Young Techies Try to Inject New Life into Struggling Economy” Chika Oduah, VOA News, January 17, 2017


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