“Investment for Local Software in Nigeria” Staff, Software, 20 March 2016

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

The President of The Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria (ISPON), James Emadoye has called upon the bank on industry for the need to come out, in order to be able to create a software business desk with an estimated amount of about $16,350million US (N5 billion), which would revolve as a loan to develop the software sector in Nigeria. This action was taken due to the over dependency on the importation of software products by the public & private sectors of the Nigerian economy, according to vanguard newspaper. Emadoye warned that it would be “dangerous” to allow foreign software to be dominant in the country’s businesses, education, government, military etc., stated a report by Tpulse. Due to the current economic recession going on in the Nigerian economy a lot of Nigerians are still depending on foreign products. Emadoye also added that “We cannot depend on other nations to do it for us & we cannot wait to experience collapse or serious hacking that can crumble the economy within seconds because we put out national information trust in the hand of foreigners”. The year 2016 was promising for the Nigerian software sector with an estimated amount of N16 billion for computer software acquisition. In accordance to the ISPON president, the software Nigeria has the capability to launch the Nigerian software into the new age with technology helps in our daily activities. He also pointed out the positive effect of having good efficient software in Nigeria & how it could help in job creation & not losing millions to our foreign exchange. He also added how no foreign products could fully meet the requirements in Nigeria in a way that affects our society. Government should put in more effort & support all the ministries, agencies etc. Nigeria as a country is large enough & has the resources to build good efficient technology software, all it takes is the right attitude towards our work & we would succeed.

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“Investment for Local Software in Nigeria” Staff, Software, 20 March 2016


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