“Hip Hop´s Global Impact in 2015” J.A. Tramuel, The Society Online, 6 May 2015

“Hip Hop has always had a global presence”

From Asia, Africa, Europe, to Alaska and the Caribbean Islands, the beginnings of Hip Hop showed small signs that it would be what it is today and much more. Hip Hop Culture was born in the Bronx at a time when jobs were scarce and crime was high. The government showed no signs of sympathy with all the Black people, when they made ‘infrastructure’ changes in the backyard of the city’s poor and working class citizens. With that situation, Hip Hop Culture was born out of the struggle of the youth of that time. The youth were rebelling against the city who they saw as a threat after leaving them and their families there. There are so many other countries in the world that embrace Hip Hop Culture in that same way today. With the help of technology and social media allowing us to connect and collaborate with Hip Hop lovers all over. Other countries that listen to Hip Hop music have a more serious rift between their government and their citizens. In some places women are probably frowned upon for expressing their opinions, but maybe they can write a dope rap song and communicate their feelings through music. There is a reason so called old school artists can go overseas and make just as much money if not more as your favorite radio artist. These people appreciate Hip Hop Culture and they hold it to high expectations, for example, the WuTang Clan, a subculture within Hip Hop, it is a global phenomenon. If you go to Asia and go to a WuTang show it’s like they’re fresh from Shaolin. It’s no secret that other countries appreciate Hip Hop.

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“Hip Hop´s Global Impact in 2015” J.A. Tramuel, The Society Online, 6 May 2015


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