“Bolivarian Bolivar” Carolina Escarrá G, Correo del Orinoco, 17 December 2016

“Even though they want to leave the people without their conscience, the progress of history is irreversible”

On December 17th, we commemorate the death of Simón Bolívar, the most important person of the XIX century. There is a very famous song that narrates the story of a young boy that tells Bolivar the people is losing their Bolívar. The Liberator asks if he means money, and the boy answers that what he means is their conscience. When Simón Bolívar died, the bourgeoisie left us without conscience. We forgot our role in history and we forgot Bolívar. Today the mafias are trying to hurt us by stealing our 100 bolivar bill. They are trying to hurt the economy and cut the purchasing power of the Venezuelans. They tried to leave us without Christmas with overwhelming prices, but they couldn’t take our conscience away. Russia and India have experienced a similar situation recently. In this situation we must remember what Castro said: ‘Resistance and Hope’. “Unity, fight, battle and victory; is the only equation that will guarantee the triumph of the conscience that they tried to take away, like in the song”.

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“Bolivarian Bolivar” Carolina Escarrá G, Correo del Orinoco, 17 December 2016


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