“Two Americas: Why Donald Trump Still Has A Lot of Support” John Cassidy, The New Yorker, 2 November 2016

“The Trump movement, like the Tea Party movement it supplanted, is a reaction to the socially liberal, polyglot America that is rapidly emerging in the twenty-first century”.

Donald Trump’s surprise upswing in polls worried many liberals. Some wondered how a man like Trump could even approach the presidency. The Clinton camp offered up three explanations. One was James Comey stating Hillary Clinton was still under investigation, “false equivalence” in the media, and sexism. Bigger than all of those, though, is the crossroads America is at with class, race and culture. Trump has a favorability rating of about 40 percent, but people tend to like what he stands for: nationalism, nativism and anti-elitism. Moderate Republicans, who have been weary of Trump’s behavior will largely fall in line with Trump when faced with a Clinton presidency. Some of Clinton’s supporters have called out the media for equating Trump’s transgressions to Clinton’s, even though every major publication has been printing negative coverage of Trump since the primary. The media has been thorough in investigating Trump’s life, and Clinton has done a poor job of exploiting his vulnerabilities throughout the campaign. But it could’ve been meaningless in an America saturated by social media. News stories aren’t facts to be accepted by both sides, they are ways to refute their opponents who are seen as misguided and lacking political legitimacy. Trump supporters feel they are under attack of a liberal agenda. This is evident from distrust of the mainstream media and the “lock her up” chants tossed at Clinton. Trump, like the Tea Party, represents an older and whiter generation that yearn for a lost America, an America that often varies depending on which Trump supporter you ask. Democrats tend to think Trump voters are ill-educated rural bigots. Both parties seem to be merging with culture to form a political lifestyle with their own values, institutions and medias.

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“Two Americas: Why Donald Trump Still Has A Lot of Support” John Cassidy, The New Yorker, 2 November 2016


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