“Italy May Be the Next Domino To Fall”

(Wolfgang Münchau, The Financial Times,  26 June 2016)

Mr Renzi promised he would resign if he loses. If he does, it will have been a monumental error of judgment on the scale of Mr Cameron’s

“Italy's Referendum Holds the Key to the Future of the Euro”

(Wolfgang Münchau, El Cronista, 22 November  2016)

“A departure from the euro by France or Italy would cause the largest default in History. Foreign holders of Italian or French debt denominated in euros would be paid with the equivalent of the Lira or the Swiss Franc”.

"‘No’ Vote Ahead in Referendum, but Italians Open to Ditch Two-Chamber System"

(Roberto D’Alimonte, Sole 24 Ore, 17 November 2016)

"The positive opinion on some aspects of the reform does translate in an overall positive assessment of the reform, nor in a “yes” vote in the referendum due to the negative attitude of many voters towards prime minister Renzi and his government"

"The YES and the Future of the Center-Left”

(Virginio Rognoni, Il Corriere della Sera, 27 November 2016)

"After the reform is approved, we will witness the damages it causes rather than the advantages it produces."

“Political Populism: Is Italy Next?”

(James Politi, Financial Times, 18 November 2016)

“If the Italian Prime Minister loses a high-stakes referendum on his flagship constitutional reform set for December 4, it could bring his tenure in office — and his entire political project — to an abrupt and premature end”.

“Referendum Countdown: Can We Trust the Polls?”

(Mariolina Sesto, Il Sole 24 Ore , 22 November  2016)

“If ‘Yes’ wins, then Renzi’s Government will emerge strengthened by the referendum; if ‘No’ wins, the Government will be notably weakened and Renzi will present his resignation to the Head of State, President Sergio Mattarella”.

"One Reason Why It's Almost Impossible for Italy to Become the Next Country to Leave the EU”  

(Will Marin, Business Insider UK, 14 November 2016)

"Article 75 of the Italian Constitution enshrines the fact that Italy cannot hold a referendum on anything related to international treaties. Therefore, being membership of both the European Union and the euro by definition international treaties, it is highly unlikely that Italy will be the next country to leave the EU"

“The Italian Referendum: What You Need To Know”

(Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, 28 September 2016)

"The constitutional reform that is voted on in the referendum is part of a package aimed at making the political system more stable and facilitating decision-making"




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