The Red Numbers of the Mexican Education System. Elena Reina, El País, 1 July 2016

“The country invests more in education than Spain or Germany, but most of the money goes to the payment of salaries.”

The country assigns 5.2% of the GDP to the public education system. But 80% of the money is used to pay the teachers’ salaries. Mexico dedicates 2.600 dollars per student in primary school. Less than Colombia, Chile or Brazil. It is the country that sends less money per child. The money invested in the construction and repair of schools represents 2.5% of the total. The association “Mexicanos Primero” criticizes that Schools in poor cities like Chiapas or Oaxaca don’t even have bathrooms. The Government announced a plan of 50.000 million pesos to improve the schools. Mexico is the country with the highest number of students per teacher. There is one teacher per 28 students in primary school and it goes up to 32 in secondary school. We also find that most of the students do not pass the math and language exams. The national tests of knowledge (Planea), reflect the bad results of the students on a national level. 60.5% of kids in 6th grade fails the math exam and  50% is unable to understand a text properly. In some regions is even worse, in Tabasco or Sonora the percentage goes up to an 80%. Lastly, in the last PISA survey, Mexico ranked 48 out of 65 countries. Behind Kazakhstan, but in front of Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Peru.

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The Red Numbers of the Mexican Education System. Elena Reina, El País, 1 July 2016


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