“Andrés Velasco: A Political Change is Coming” Andrés Velasco, Cosas, 14 June 2016

“Chilean politics are going to change, just as they are around the world. The question is if the new political forces will be centralized and able to offer solutions, or if they’ll be populists from the left or the right.”

Political change is taking place all over the world, and the same goes in Chile. But what we don’t know is if the newly emerging political forces will be centralized or more populist. In this new political party that we are working to create, called Citizens, we want to be a pragmatic alternative that is based on Egalitarian Liberalism. The current political situation in Chile is obligating us to make some changes. The New Majority party’s recent “reforms,” if they can be called that, are nothing more than a sure-fire sign of populism beginning to take over in the country. Chile wants change, but change well done and well thought-out, quality changes designed for effective implementation. The recent reforms didn’t reflect what the people really wanted. That’s not necessarily Bachelet’s problem, but a much larger problem with her party and the way they view politics in this nation. One of the recent debates that has come up specifically is the role of journalistic responsibility and how freedom of expression can be guaranteed in the midst of shifty political happenings. In the United States there is a ruling that says that journalists must demonstrate “rash indifference” to the truth. My involvement with the recent Caval case brings this issue to rise; but we must come to a point where we take responsibility for both the truth and the bendings of the truth that involve us in order to push for lasting change in this harsh political environment. Political change is coming to Chile.

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“Andrés Velasco: A Political Change is Coming” Andrés Velasco, Cosas, 14 June 2016


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