“Peru is Safe” Mario Vargas Llosa, El País,12 June 2016

“The South American country almost fell in the same hands that were responsible for one of the darkest chapters of its history”.

The tight victory of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski in the Presidential election saved Peru from catastrophe: the return of the fujimorist mafia that during the dictatorship robbed, tortured and murdered without precedents and that installed the first narco-state in Latin America. Keiko Fujimori’s victory was thought irremediable, but then, it was discovered that the secretary general of her party was being investigated by the DEA for money laundering. Many Keiko voters that, naïvely, believed her propaganda changed their vote. But the decisive move to assure the victory to Kuczynski was the decision of Veronika Mendoza, leader of the left coalition, to announce that she would vote for Kuczynski and asked her voters to do the same. The left, acting responsibly, saved the democracy and has guaranteed the continuation of a policy that since 2000 has brought to the country a considerable economic progress and gradual strengthening of the institutions and democratic habits. The new Government will not have it easy with a Parliament that is controlled by Fujimorism. But Kuczynski is a flexible man and good negotiator, and he has a top level team of collaborators. His international prestige will keep attracting the investment that has been bracing the Peruvian economy for 16 years. Pedro Pablo Kuczynki’s victory goes beyond the Peruvian border, it shows a new path against populism in Latin America along with the defeat of Peronism in Argentina, or the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff in Brazil. Is it naïve to see in all these events a tendency towards legality, liberty, pacific coexistence and a rejection to demagogy, irresponsible populism and collectivist, statist utopia? I think there are reasons to be optimistic in Latin America. We are far from the ideal but we are much better than 20 years ago. The Latin-American problems are enormous, but the progress is immense too.  Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s victory in another step in the right direction for Latin America.

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“Peru is Safe” Mario Vargas Llosa, El País,12 June 2016


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