“The Real ‘Trump Effect’ for Young Latinos” Robert Suro, The New York Times, 27 May 2016

“The disaffection and distrust evident in so much of the American electorate festers with special ferocity among young Latinos, the fastest growing segment of the American electorate. Looking at them we can see what this campaign is doing to all of us.”

Hillary Clinton celebrated Cinco de Mayo in East Los Angeles, where she received less of a warm welcome than she did in 2008. Hecklers taunted her over the deportation of Central American Asylum seekers. As with many American voters, Latinos are dissatisfied. They’re the youngest voting bloc, and are typically split between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders based on age – not to say that there aren’t Republican Latinos. Regardless, their vote will be split a lot, hopefully disproving the idea of a single unified Latino vote. Immigration has been an important issue, and has been done with bipartisan compromise until recently. President Obama signed a bill legitimizing Hispanics brought to America at a young age, and would shield them from deportation. Applications to becoming a legal citizen have surged, and many have suggested a “Trump Effect” named for the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who has proposed deporting all undocumented immigrants. This could mean that many Latinos embrace an American identity based on principles, not on their ethnicity. Their fight isn’t about language, race, or group identity, it is about their universal rights being applied fairly by the state. If they turn out to vote, they will change the results.

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“The Real ‘Trump Effect’ for Young Latinos” Robert Suro, The New York Times, 27 May 2016


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