“From Minor to Major” The Economist, , 14 May 2016

“A demographic revolution is under way. In 1953… America’s Hispanic population numbered perhaps 3m. … Today it stands at 57m, out of around 321m Americans, and is on course to double by mid-century, when it is projected to be 106m out of 398m.”

Hispanics are changing what it means to be mainstream Americans. Though they only made up a very small minority a few generations ago, Hispanics are set to make up nearly a third of the population by 2050. This will also be the time when whites are expected to fall to less than half of the population. America has seen migration on this scale before, in the 19th century from central Europeans, and in the 20th with the Irish. Over time these groups assimilated and became respected. But the change touches every aspect of public life – political parties should take notice, as are businesses. We should also look to improve the Hispanic communities, which see higher dropout rates and are less frequently employed as professionals than whites. Immigration skeptics question whether Hispanic communities assimilated downward, but it’s an overblown fear and problems with the community are getting solved. Political tides are pushing in the opposite directions in some states, with several Texas congressmen vowing to end a law subsidizing students’ tuition regardless of their legal status. But Steve Murdock , former boss of the US Census bureau, argued the exact opposite, saying we need highly skilled Latinos for a retiring white workforce. Nativist fear mongering has misguided public opinion to overestimate illegal immigration, 93% of Hispanics are native-born citizens.

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“From Minor to Major” The Economist, , 14 May 2016


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